Louise Baker

Drop me a line 

You are invited to drop me a line on paper
30 x 8 cm in a medium of your choice eg:


pen and ink

On the back can you write your:
map, grid ref, date & time
email address to send
If you want to participate: send your line to:
  Louise Baker,
Hurstone studios, Waterrow,
Somerset , TA4 2AT
By 30 January 2015

The drawings will be collated, and bound in a way to reflect the geographical origins and will be aligned in the gallery space to reflect this with 'chapters' spreading over the gallery walls and floor . The 'book' would include inserts as appropriate depending on the response clusters.

The completed work will be shown at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery during March and April 2015 .

Lines of growth
Line of life/ timelines
Line of fire / line of battle / ships of the line / front line
All along the line / battle line
Marriage lines/ family line / blood lines
Line upon line / firing line / line up
Railway line / Online
Party line
Contour line / demarcation lines
Horizon line / Sky line / roof lines
Line of contention
Line/s of duty
Fault line / pressure lines / broken line
Huguenot / maginot line
Plimsoll line
Equator / lines of long / lat/ Capricorn and cancer
Tree line / snow line / washing lines
Lines of connection - links: i.e. Ethnam, Folkestone, Coventry Falmouth,Newcastle , Katsina, Zaria,
Wadebridge, Wellington
Lines of communication

Heydon Hill Wood      
10 Parishes Festival: 7th - 15th September 2013

In 2013 Louise Baker was invited,along with a number of other artist to make an intervention related to the evergreen woodland 1000ft up on the edge of the Brendon's . Seeing the fallen trees and forest floor debris her response was a series of work, sculpture and book works entitled ' how to mend a tree'. Some of the work relates to the various definitions of the word bole such as the lead and wood needlcase resting in the niche cut through the tree trunk .The larger needlcases areawaiting use.

During 2014 there will be a development of the work around mending and repairs as during the December and January gales a large number of trees have been damaged and this could be focus for new work .

The series of graphite drawings 1.50m x 25 cams started during the ten parishes festival of 2013 will continue throughout the new year

      During this exhibition Louise will be exhibtiting her spruce Needle Cases in the beautiful environment of Heydon Hill Wood, just outsdide Chipstaple, Taunton, TA4 2QE. Follow the link to Heydon Hill Wood to see what Louise is doing in more detail, along with all the other participating artists in this event. For an early preview of work click here ...  
Louise Baker exhibited this new work 'Passing Through' at Musgrove Hospital Taunton in May 21st - July 16th 2013 in an exhibition that considered the fleeting moment and movement in general.    

Other related work also being developed include, 'hussif', 'scar' and 'no weapons beyond this point, which first featured as part of Book Costers Barrow 1


Louise Baker, Studio14, Hurstone, Waterrow, Somerset, TA4 2AT - Email contact: Louise Baker